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Who We are

We are the people of Mother Earth

Through its global crowdfunding platform, Funds for a CAUSE has helped 350,000 people, in 78 cities, in 6 countries, to boost thousands of dollars for campaigns that matter since its inception and providing lifesaving meals to just about 4000 people on a daily basis

Funds for a CAUSE prides itself in offering the crowdfunding industry as a number one and faithful organizer where anyone can reach us out for funds provided there be a CAUSE.

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Where We Work

We have talented and dedicated team who work across the country day during a outing to realize our vision of a far better future for people that are in need.

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What We Do

As we face the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, the youngsters & families we support remain at the guts of everything we do, where we donate food and shelter to anyone in need.

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Who We Are

Join the thousands of caring people who are passionate about helping children and family to create a better future for themselves through education and care.

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Urgent Cause

to fight the Corona Virus

Goal: $26950

Collected: $8085

Donation: $1


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